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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

About KFSR

Did you know that "FSR" stands for Fresno State Radio?

KFSR Radio is a non-profit, listener-supported public radio station located on the campus of California State University Fresno. The station broadcasts at 2600 watts at 90.7 FM and streams online at to the entire Fresno/Clovis metro area, operating 24 hour a day, 365 days a year. The broadcast has a potential reach of over 600,000 Valley residents, and the online stream reaches a world-wide audience. KFSR is staffed on air by volunteers including Fresno State students, faculty and staff, alumni and community members. The station is managed by broadcasting professionals working in conjunction with Fresno State, and Fresno State’s College of Arts and Humanities/Department of Media Communications and Journalism. The station employs an executive staff of broadcast professionals (General Manager/OM/PD and APD/MD/Production Director). Funding for 90.7 KFSR comes from listener donations, sponsor donations, grants from local, regional and national funding agencies, promotional fundraising events and support from the University.

Mission Statement

KFSR is “Fresno State Radio”, dedicated to providing an alternative source of music and public affairs to its listeners. KFSR is also a dynamic, educational resource, providing Fresno State students with valuable, real world experience in radio/media operations.

Vision Statement

KFSR is the radio station that innovative thinkers, creative professionals and those interested in the arts and culture in the San Joaquin Valley turn to for diverse, stimulating and high quality programming not available through traditional commercial broadcast media outlets. KFSR enriches the lives of Valley residents and makes Fresno a better place to live.

KFSR Programming

KFSR reflects the diversity of the community through musical, cultural, educational, and public affairs programming. KFSR is dedicated to providing Fresno area audiences with programming that would otherwise be unavailable in the Valley. The station features major blocks of jazz, blues and “evening eclectic” music programming. KFSR also presents a diverse schedule of specialty music programming featuring Armenian, gospel, roots and more. KFSR also offers public affairs programming including the “Commonwealth Club”, locally-produced programs, and Fresno State-based programs, “Fresno State Focus: Radio Edition”, “Fresno State Student Spotlight”, “Fresno State Service In Action”, “Fresno State Sports Report”, the “Fresno State Jazz Show” and more.

The views and opinions expressed on KFSR radio programs by hosts, guests, call in listeners or chatters are solely the opinions of the original source who express them. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of KFSR Radio, it’s affiliates or employees, California State University, Fresno or the CSU public university system.

KFSR History

KFSR can trace its origins back to Fresno State College. Students in the 1940′s took part in live radio theatre productions. When the campus moved to Shaw Avenue in 1958, radio operations were directed by the Radio-TV Department. The radio “station” assumed the call letters KFSR, representing “Fresno State Radio.” Until 1982, the station was a closed circuit “carrier current” station, broadcasting only on campus to the dorms and Student Union. On October 31, 1982 KFSR began broadcasting on 90.7 FM at 250 watts. The station’s original programming format included jazz, rock and specialty programs. In 1987 KFSR increased its power to 2600 watts. In 2000, the station ventured onto the internet for the first time, launching its website, (now In September of 2003, KFSR debuted live audio streaming online via