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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

Sponsored Underwriting

KFSR Can Share Your Message!

Unlike commercial radio and television stations, which are supported through sales of advertising, non-commercial, not-for-profit stations such as KFSR are prohibited by federal law from accepting paid commercial ads. Instead, public broadcasters offer what is called underwriting, a system that allows sponsors to receive on-air recognition for donations made to the station, in pre-recorded messages of up to thirty seconds in length. Underwriting mentions typically announce the name of a business, provide some brief background info about the services offered, and close with vital information such as the location, hours, phone number and website. Underwriting messages can be scheduled to run throughout KFSR’s diverse mix of programming or can be targeted, allowing our sponsors to support a specific program, thus reaching a distinct demographic group of listeners and potential customers. KFSR offers a wide variety of underwriting packages, designed to suit your needs. For more information call 559-278-9070 today!

The KFSR Advantage:

* Power – The unique power of radio in exposing your business and services to consumers at an affordable price.

* Value – KFSR offers a wide variety of underwriting plans, with one sure to fit your needs and your budget. Underwriting is one of the most cost-effective ways to help promote your business.

* Image – Because KFSR offers unique programming not otherwise heard in the San Joaquin Valley, our listeners place a high value on the service we provide. By associating your business with KFSR, you create a positive image of quality, trust and integrity among our listeners.

* Audience – KFSR listeners are your customers and your potential customers. KFSR’s acclaimed jazz programming reaches a well-educated, affluent and diverse audience of professionals.  Our unique programming also allows us to reach specific key demographic groups with a precision that can’t be matched by other media outlets.

* Lack of Clutter – Unlike commercial radio stations, where advertisements are often lost in the endless clutter of other spots, at KFSR your message will stand out. KFSR’s programming is clutter-free, thus providing our underwriters with higher profile exposure to our listeners.

* Tax Deductible Donations – Because KFSR is a certified 501(c)3 organization, your underwriting donation may be tax deductible. Check with a KFSR underwriting representative for more information.

* Help a Worthy Cause – By supporting KFSR through underwriting, you will help to continue KFSR’s mission of providing the Valley with quality programming and a valuable educational resource for Fresno State students.

For more information about becoming a KFSR Underwriter, contact KFSR today at 559-278-9070 or via email at We have both long- and short-term sponsored underwriting plans designed to suit the needs and budget of your business, so call us today!

Federal Communications Commission guidelines for Public Radio sponsored underwriting messages:

Announcements MAY include:

Underwriter’s name
Bonafide company slogan
Location of business
Phone number and/or Web address
Years in business
Value-neutral descriptions of products or business
Trade names, product or service listing which help identify the business
Description of target market

Announcements MAY NOT include:

Comparative descriptions or language
Qualitative description or language
Pricing information
Calls to actions
Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease