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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

KFSR Specialty Music

KFSR presents a variety of specialty music shows during weekend programming. And stay tuned for new shows added to the lineup!

Ann Leone hosts, "The Contemporary Jazz Show" every Sunday afternoon from 12p-3p

Ann is a local musician and cyclist and has been passionate about contemporary jazz for more than forty years. She is active in the contemporary jazz scene, spending much of her free time at CJazz concerts and festivals.


Mike Workman (AKA "The Gardener") hosts, "The Garden Party" every Saturday afternoon from 12p-3p.


Doc Lewis hosts, "The Gospel Show" every Sunday morning from 6a-9a.


Vartush Mesropyan hosts, "Hye Oozh" every Saturday morning from 9a-12p.

Hye Oozh is a weekly program dedicated to the music, culture, and language of the Armenian community.

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Nate Butler hosts, "The Local Show" every Sunday evening from 8p-9p.

Nate is an entertainer, musician/songwriter, artist, actor and international reality TV personality. He features music from Fresno and the surrounding valley area.