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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

Henry Flores

KFSR Testimonial

I was excited to learn about all the opportunities KFSR has for students.  My internship helped guide me on the path to my career…

My college experience is a little outside the norm.  My journey started back in 2004 when I first attended Fresno City College.  My first attempt didn’t last long; I stopped attending in 2005, and decided to just work in retail.  After many years in retail, I decided I wanted more in my life and career.  I knew I needed to go back to college and get my degree.  In 2011 I re-enrolled in Fresno City College. I went back as a part-time student as I was working full-time and living on my own.  I decided to take another semester off after failing my first attempt in my statistics class.  I was discouraged, but I knew that I had to reapply myself.  I decided to take a semester at Clovis Community College to take another shot at statistics.  I passed the class and graduated from Fresno City College in 2016. 

I enrolled in Fresno State and took typical required courses for a journalism major degree with an emphasis in broadcast.  In my junior year, I found KFSR, and met with station management to find out what kind of opportunities were available to students.  I was excited to learn about all the different ways I could be involved and ended up participating in a wide variety of ways.  I enrolled in an internship and worked as an assistant in the Programming Department, Music Department, Production Department, Marketing Department, Promotions Department and more.  I had the opportunity to be a co-host on the air, I learned audio production skills, I participated in promotional activities and helped with online content.  I remember being part of the KFSR JazzFest fundraising concert that was a huge event.

I have always had a passion for sports, so sports media was what really sparked my interest.  My experience as an intern at KFSR helped me obtain skills that would be crucial in my future career.  The on-air experience I had at KFSR helped give me the confidence in myself to go for my dream career.  I graduated from Fresno State in 2020, and in 2022 I got my first job in media as a multimedia journalist in Bakersfield at 23 ABC. 

My time at KFSR is something I will never forget.  KFSR enhanced my time at Fresno State academically by providing useful information that I was able to transfer towards other courses. KFSR is a great place for students to strengthen their media skills in radio, and even television, or digital.  KFSR is a family, and they helped guide me on the right path to my career.  Julie Logan has always been there for me when I had a question or needed guidance, and I appreciate everything she and KFSR have done for me.