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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

Joseph Velasco

KFSR Testimonial

My experience at KFSR was life-changing.  KFSR offers a wide variety of experience and advocacy…

My time in college was a difficult experience.  I was the first in my family to attend college.  I also had to work full-time to pay my way.  As a Communication major, hearing that I needed an internship class was news I didn’t welcome.  To fit in an internship felt impossible.  At the time, I really wanted to pursue a career in broadcasting.  The internship coordinator recommended that I go to meet with KFSR management to ask if I could be accepted as a station intern for the semester.  Little did I know how it was going to change my life! 

Once I got the internship I was exposed to so many cool experiences that I brag about it to this day!  I served in the Production Department and got to help record interviews in the field at a job fair on campus.  I felt like a legit media member walking around holding the recorder, meeting people I would never have had the opportunity to talk with otherwise.  I also served in the Music Department, helping by alphabetizing the station’s physical vinyl and CD library.  I will never forget the colors, wear and tear, the smell, and time spent getting all of those perfect.  My favorite day that semester had to be when I was a co-host on the air with Vern Selland during the station pledge drive.  My whole family tuned in to hear me perform on the radio.  As a young man from the poorest areas of Los Angeles, being live on the air seemed like a fantasy.  My family felt like I had made it big and it still feels like I did because of that experience.  That semester was filled with so many learning opportunities and so much support.  I was going through a lot emotionally because I was so close to my goal of graduating college, but started to feel the pressure.  Moving away from my hometown, I only had limited support options.  KFSR General Manager Julie Logan was really there for me as a mentor to help guide me in those trying times.  I always joked that she was my “Media Mom.” 

After my internship was complete, I continued to be involved with KFSR.  That summer, I served in the Engineering Department to help build new radio studios.  I take pride in knowing that I helped build the new webcast studios!  That summer was filled with more great learning opportunities and some really great memories. 

The following semester, I served in the Music Department conducting music research.  One day in the KFSR office, Julie asked me, “What would your dream job be?”  I wasn’t sure how to answer her question, but she helped me think it through.  We talked about my life experience and my passion for helping others who have walked a similar path as mine.  She told me that my story of struggle, perseverance and success was inspiring and that I would make a great mentor to others.  She asked me if I would be interested in the Humanics program at Fresno State, and then introduced me to program’s director, Dr. Matt Jendian.  After meeting with Dr. Jendian, I knew my calling was to work with at-risk youth to help support them in any way I can.  Thanks to the Humanics program, I now manage various after-school programs across the Central Valley supporting children in lesser communities to support them learn about careers they are interested in.  That conversation in the KFSR office was life-changing for me, and I am so grateful.

Internships are great learning tools.  In addition to giving a student real-world experience, they can also help further determine what career to pursue.  No matter what your major is, an internship in radio offers a wide variety of experiences. In my experience, the time I invested in my internship and my time at KFSR was one of the best choices I made in college. 

Thank you KFSR - I will always cherish the relationships and time I spent there.