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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

Judith Saldivar

KFSR Testimonail

My time at KFSR gave me life-long friends, valuable skills and great memories.

I first became involved with KFSR as an intern, a requirement for a class.  I chose KFSR because I had a friend who interned there and he sold me on the experience.  He had great things to say so I gave it a chance and I am so glad I did.  I learned a lot about radio through interning at KFSR. 

While at KFSR I served as an assistant in the Music Department, and I eventually had the opportunity to serve as an on-air co-host.  I helped with a pledge drive help with fundraising.  I was also involved with the station through a class that wrote and produced KFSR's Fresno State Focus: Radio Edition program. 

KFSR enhanced my time at Fresno State because I met so many people with similar interests as me.  I met people who also love music and who now are professionals in the broadcasting industry.  Getting my first opportunity to be on air set the tone for me for the rest of my life.  I was able to establish my on-air skills in a supportive environment that helped me past the initial nerves of public speaking.  I am now confident in those skills which serves me well in my career.  I also learned so much about the radio industry, which is more that just what you hear on the air. 

I definitely feel like KFSR helped build lifelong friends, I met people who I still run into at events and we catch up and share love for each other, which is awesome. 

I appreciate that KFSR provides students an opportunity to become involved with radio.  Everyone that I worked with was super helpful, kind and just caring.  It meant so much to me because walking into a real radio studio was intimidating and scary, but it was an amazing learning experience thanks to the staff.