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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

Kali Weaver

KFSR Testimonial

I would encourage any Fresno State student to become involved in Fresno State Radio.  My experience with the radio station had a major impact on my education, helped launch me into my professional career, and provided me with life-long friendships...

I became involved with KFSR during my second year at Fresno State. I was looking for a place to grow my professional skill set. I was introduced to the radio station by a professor in 2015 and at that moment I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I started as a general volunteer but eventually grew my volunteer role into an independent study towards my degree. Among many roles, I ended up being an Assistant Producer and Photographer for KFSR’s “Fresno State Sports Report” program.

The exciting thing about KFSR is that there are so many areas of opportunity for students to grow professionally. I was involved with KFSR on many levels, including my role as Assistant Producer of the KFSR “Fresno State Sports Report” program where I performed duties including audio producer, social media content creator, photographer and more.  I also served as a programming co-host, music research analyst, marketing/public relations assistant, event management assistant, general audio production assistant and more.

KFSR had a major impact on my overall experience at Fresno State. Honestly, there are not enough words to describe what my time at KFSR has meant to me. It not only gave me opportunities to develop academically and professionally, but it also helped me grow my connection to the university as a whole. My time with KFSR highly contributed to the development of the confidence and experience I needed upon graduating to enter the workforce. After graduation I moved home to the Bay Area where the workforce is well-known for intensity. My time at KFSR prepared me to apply for a job in that market.

I credit many of the opportunities I had early on in my career due to the mentorship of station management and my time spent at KFSR. It was because of KFSR that I landed a role right out of graduation. One of my most notable professional roles thus far, at the University of California, Berkeley, was offered to me in part because of the experience and skills I developed at KFSR. KFSR gave me the foundation to hit the ground running with my career upon graduation and I will forever be thankful for that.

Along with the development and contributions I made to KFSR’s “Fresno State Sports Report,” I gained valuable experience in event management, business administration, fundraising, relationship building with stakeholders, sponsorship strategy, and business production.  The wide array of student opportunities offered by KFSR makes it a great educational and profession source for students from any area of study. 

Many of my greatest friends and long-lasting professional relationships from Fresno State began during my time volunteering at KFSR. It truly was a family and felt like a home away from home. A place that doesn’t just say it supports students, but puts that support into action with results. KFSR embraces the Fresno State mission to foster student success, provide exceptional quality programs/services, facilitate student engagement, learning, leadership, sense of belonging and support academic and career goals.

The KFSR staff is incredibly supportive.  KFSR’s General Manager Julie Logan has been an amazing mentor to me, and continues to provide me with support.  She is a profound leader who works with students to help them exceed their goals. She is one of Fresno State’s best assets.  KFSR has had such a positive impact on my life and many of my colleagues from Fresno State. I continually see how the station provides top-tier opportunities for student growth and professional development.

KFSR will always have a place in my heart.