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90.7 KFSR | Fresno State Radio

Trevor Widger

KFSR Testimonial

While it is obviously an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in broadcasting, students will be surprised by how widely applicable all of these talents are...

When I first discovered KFSR, I thought it would be a typical college radio station. A student-run organization where there was not a lot of direction and basically a hip-kids club.  To my shock, it was an actual radio station. With, like, rules and industry connections and stuff. And instead of a room full of toys that I could use to satisfy my own ego, what I had actually found was the most important resource of my college career.

Within our first meeting, the KFSR General Manager saw and reminded me of my own potential; this was at a crucial moment when I was particularly burned out and considering abandoning college altogether. From that day forward, she worked tirelessly to make sure my time at the station was spent developing the exact skills I would need to forge my path in the professional world. My initial involvement was as a volunteer, assisting the Music Director with research for the Evening Eclectic block of programming.

I learned how to curate content in a professional manner, rather than rely on my personal taste to haphazardly toss a playlist together. From there I was able to grow into larger roles at the station. As an assistant to the Program Director, I learned to operate scheduling software and developed my talent as an on-air co-host. I also worked with the Station Development Director to raise funds during the station’s pledge drive. Additionally, I assisted the Production Director in recording and producing audio for broadcast. It’s genuinely difficult to think about where I would be if it weren’t for all of these experiences this station gave me.

Not only would I have been unable to hone these crucial skills during my time at Fresno State, I likely wouldn’t have been inspired to finish my degree. While it is obviously an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in broadcasting, students will be surprised by how widely applicable all of these talents are. My current success as a social media content curator, for example, can be traced directly to my time analyzing and curating content for the audience of KFSR. Regardless of what my future in this crazy world holds, I am confident I have what it takes to make the most of it. I have Julie Logan and KFSR to thank for that.